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Read the new London Vacation Rental Market Report published by New York Habitat

Read the new London Vacation Rental Market Report published by New York Habitat

New York Habitat, an international real estate agency specializing in furnished apartment rentals, presents the inaugural edition of its London Vacation Rental Market Report. The report details the Vacation Rental Market from 2006 to 2008 based on New York Habitat's completed bookings and looks ahead to expectations for 2009.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 9, 2009

New York Habitat (http://www. nyhabitat. com) proudly announces the launch of London Vacation Renal Market Report. The report has been designed to share information about the Vacation Rental Market that is useful to apartment owners, people looking for vacation rentals in London and others parties interested in the London real estate market. The full report can be viewed on the London Furnished Apartment Market Reports website. (http://www. nyhabitat. com/london-furnished-apartment-market-reports. html)

The report talks about the significant changes within the London housing market between 2006 and 2008. Some major issues in the macro real estate market include:

  •  The global economic downturn
  •  The slow down of the sales market for housing in London
  •  The declining prices of apartment rentals in London
In the London Vacation Rental Market (http://www. nyhabitat. com/london-apartment/vacation), the report finds:
  •  A decline in pricing of vacation rentals as renters look for less expensive options
  •  A continued growth in the number of completed rentals in London
  •  Declining lengths of stay as people look to have less expensive trips.

The report uses a mix of graphs, charts and tables to portray a picture of the past and current markets. Provided here is a sample graph that details the average price of vacation rentals based on apartment type. More graphs can be found within the report including:

  •  Average lengths of stay
  •  Percentage of apartments rented by type
  •  Percentage of apartments rented by neighborhood
  •  Price ranges by apartment type
  •  Size of accommodations rented

New York Habitat has created a London Furnished Apartment Rental Market Reports webpage (http://www. nyhabitat. com/london-furnished-apartment-market-reports. html), where this and future reports will be available. Since the company began offering rentals in London, in 2002, it has collected data about the market and will continue to assemble and analyze this information in future reports. The next London Vacation Rental Market Report will be released in the summer of 2009 and will contain data about the 1st half of 2009 rentals. The long-term goal is for this report to be an informative guide for owners who decide to lease, and vacationers and other renters who are looking for housing options during their stay in London.

Charles Rearden, London Agency Manager, says, "2008 was a difficult time for corporate travel but the vacation rental accommodation market for London remained steady despite, or perhaps because of, the economic downturn. Fluctuating exchange rates certainly affected the leisure industry but certain areas were able to capitalize on this." He goes on to say that "2009 could see a strong start to the year with a low British Pound but the key question is whether the ongoing global recession will dictate the pattern of travel or whether we might start to see a resurgence in corporate relocation.

Established in 1989, New York Habitat is a fully licensed residential real estate agency, specializing in furnished apartment rentals in New York, Paris, London and the South of France. With the help of our multilingual and multinational agents, apartments can be selected from a worldwide inventory of over 12,000 carefully chosen properties, including over 800 London Apartments (http://www. nyhabitat. com/london-apartment. html), that are available from three days up to one year or more.

We invite you to contact New York Habitat for more information about the London Vacation Rental market report and for any other services you may require (listing your apartment, corporate housing, student housing, and/or renting in any of our destinations). For the latest London market news and to learn more about New York Habitat-related topics, please visit New York Habitat's blog (http://www. nyhabitat. com/blog/).


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Aspiring Tour Guides Don't Have To Travel Far To Gain Skills For Top-Paying Careers With The 'Get Paid To Travel' Online Class

Aspiring Tour Guides Don't Have To Travel Far To Gain Skills For Top-Paying Careers With The 'Get Paid To Travel' Online Class

Booming tourism around the world demands more highly-trained tour guides and tour directors than ever before. A unique online class called "Get Paid to Travel" gives hundreds of colleges in the United States and Canada an affordable skill-building class to offer students who wish to pursue a travel guide career.

Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) November 4, 2007

Booming tourism around the world demands more highly-trained tour guides and tour directors than ever before. A unique online class called "Get Paid to Travel" gives hundreds of colleges in the United States and Canada an affordable skill-building class to offer students who wish to pursue a travel guide career.

Tourism accounts for a majority of travel around the world each year. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), about 52 percent, or around 395 million people, traveled for the purpose of leisure and recreation in 2004. Consequently, the career opportunity for aspiring tour guides, tour directors and cruise hosts has grown tremendously.

"Get Paid to Travel" is being offered online at more than 1200 colleges in the United States and Canada. The class gives students an opportunity to train as tour directors and guides for local, domestic and international tours. Students can easily take the class online from a computer without interfering with their other college studies.

The course was developed by Cherie Anderson, owner of Professional Tour Management Training and author of the "Tour Director Training Guide." Anderson has been working in the travel industry leading tours and cruises around the world since 1984. She began introducing her tour management training to colleges in Southern California in 1993, and now many of her past students are leading tours around the world.

Anderson realized the need for an extensive training course that is not only convenient for everyone, but also covers the skills needed for a variety of tourism careers. She feels there are vast differences among travel careers that many people misunderstand and a targeted training course for tour guides, directors and hosts was long overdue.

"The skills are very different for travel agents and tour directors. For example, a tour director needs special skills to work with tour groups. The director must also understand tour group procedures and how to work with local suppliers, tour operators, tour guides, and assist with challenges and emergencies wherever they travel. On the other hand, the travel agent makes appointments from an office and arranges reservations. The two careers are entirely different, so the skills required are different as well," states Anderson.

"Get Paid to Travel" targets a wide audience of students that are interested in a travel career. Whether they want to become a local tour guide or work abroad, students gain the skills needed to enter their field of choice. Some might prefer to travel around the world and direct a variety of tours from week to week, including African safaris, cruises, European tours, etc.

Though very affordable, Anderson's online class helps students gain the required skills to land a well-paying travel job with a potentially bright future for those who work hard and are dedicated to
Their career. The average income for an experienced international or domestic tour director is $250 to $400 per day, including salary, tips and commissions.

Students that have already enrolled in the class were amazed at the detailed training provided. As one student acclaims, "Cherie Anderson's course 'Get Paid to Travel' far exceeded my expectations. It was very in-depth and concise. This has been one of the most exciting, educational, and rewarding classes I've taken in the last five years in my pursuit of my B. A. of Geography with a Travel/Tourism concentration. Cherie is an open and honest person, a quality that seems hard to find these days. Thank You Cherie!"

Anderson says, "'Get Paid to Travel' inspires students that are interested in a travel career to pursue what they love doing most while equipping them with the knowledge they need to become a great tour guide or director."

More information is available at the Web address below:

Http://www. tourtraining. com/ (http://www. tourtraining. com/)

For an interview or more information, please contact Cherie Anderson
By phone or by email.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

International Travelers to Israel, Lebanon & other Hot Spots face Difficulties Obtaining Life Insurance

International Travelers to Israel, Lebanon & other Hot Spots face Difficulties Obtaining Life Insurance

If your destination is listed on the State Department’s Current Travel Warnings List, you more than likely will not be able to purchase new life insurance.

Mission Viejo, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2006

For travelers to Lebanon, Israel and other destinations in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, obtaining new life insurance can be practically impossible. The Federal Government publishes a list of countries that it recommends U. S. citizens avoid due to crime, health conditions, war, terrorism and political instability. This list can be found on the web at:

Http://travel. state. gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html (http://travel. state. gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html) and it turns out insurance companies are avid readers of this information, using it to approve or deny new policies based on where the applicants travel plans are taking them.

Mr. Sy Alter, President of Spectrum Direct Insurance Services, Inc. and www. SpectrumDirect. com recently commented that “Insurance companies judge their risk for insuring everyone based on where they live and even where they travel.” This has serious consequences for a world traveler or traveling business person who must visit a country that shows up on the Current Travel Warnings List. “If you are trying to get insurance coverage and disclose that you will be traveling to hot spots on the Travel Warnings list, you’re likely to get turned down” notes Alter. “It’s a risk the insurer doesn’t want to take.” Mr. Alter ought to know, his www. SpectrumDirect. com site features over 20 insurance companies’ pricing and quotes. “Even with our vast resources we must advise travelers going to global hot spots to postpone their insurance applications until after their return.”

When an insurance company questions an application due to travel destinations, the likelihood of approval diminishes. In order to protect the traveler and obtain the needed coverage, Mr. Alter has a few ideas,” First, is this trip really necessary? If you must travel to Israel, Lebanon or the other countries listed by the State Department don’t expect to get approved. Second, postpone applying until your trip is over – and even then the insurer will likely have questions regarding your trip and the possibility of returning to this destination.”

For additional information on the American Life Direct Affiliate program, please contact Shawn Schaefer or visit www. AmericanLifeDirect. com.

About Spectrum Direct:

Spectrum Direct is a life insurance sales and marketing organization, licensed in all 50 states, whose products are entirely internet-based and designed to enable the purchase and management of policies online.


Shawn Schaefer, Marketing Manager


Www. AmericanLifeDirect. com


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Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Names Farid Mellah Director of Operations

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Names Farid Mellah Director of Operations

Farid Mellah knows his business. With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and an education that spans the globe, Mellah brings an international perspective to the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel as its new Director of Operations.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) October 6, 2007

Farid Mellah knows his business. With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and an education that spans the globe, Mellah brings an international perspective to the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel as its new Director of Operations.

In his new position, Mellah oversees the daily operations of the hotel, including Opus, its fine dining, downtown Pittsburgh restaurant, The Bridge Bar, and Prelude Wine Bar.

A native of Casablanca, Morocco, Mellah speaks Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. He attended the International Hotel School of Glion, Switzerland and the Hotel School of Service in Tunis, Tunisia. He holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

"We're happy to welcome Farid to the Renaissance Pittsburgh, PA Hotel. His vast expertise and multicultural experience make him an ideal addition to our executive team," says Barbara McMahon, General Manager.

Before coming to Pittsburgh, Mellah held posts at Wyndham Palm Springs, San Diego Mission Valley Marriott, Long Beach Airport Marriott, Inter-Continental Hotel of San Diego, Del Mar Country Club of Rancho Santa Fe, Wyndham Bermuda Resort & Spa, Omni Berkshire Place in New York City, Omni Westside in Houston, Texas, and Hotel Prince de Galles in Paris, France. His work has earned accolades, including Marriott Food and Beverage Director of the Year in 1990.

The 300-room Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is located in the restored 100-year-old Fulton Building, a downtown Pittsburgh landmark. Located at 107 Sixth St., the hotel offers exceptional city and river views in most of the Pittsburgh hotel suites as well as extraordinary dining convenient to the Cultural District. While Opus is known for its American infusion cuisine and their exceptional Pittsburgh Sunday brunch, The Bridge and Prelude Bars both feature nightly signature cocktails and light fare.

When visiting the City of Bridges, make the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel your first choice for accommodations and see for yourself the exemplary job that Farid Mellah and his team are doing to produce an extraordinary luxury hotel experience for guests.

About the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel:
Welcome to the architecturally stunning Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, where heritage and adventure blend into a magnificent landmark. Housed in the classic Fulton Building, this Pittsburgh luxury hotel was masterfully restored, exuding the timeless elegance of old-world charm, while providing the personal service designed for modern contentment. Surrounded by five world-renowned theaters in the heart of the Cultural District, this hotel in downtown Pittsburgh is near the excitement of Heinz Field, PNC Park, and Mellon Arena, as well as the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. A stylish choice among boutique hotels in Pittsburgh, PA, the Renaissance offers lavish guest rooms that combine the luxuries of yesterday with the conveniences of tomorrow. Stir the body and stimulate the senses at Opus, featuring American Fusion cuisine complemented by an award-winning wine list. Discover the only four-star downtown Pittsburgh hotel, where culture and comfort co-exist at the legendary Renaissance Pittsburgh, PA Hotel.

For more information or to make a reservation, call (800) 468-3571, or visit http://marriott. com/hotels/travel/pitbr-renaissance-pittsburgh-hotel/ (http://marriott. com/hotels/travel/pitbr-renaissance-pittsburgh-hotel/).


NQueue Billback to Showcase Information Accountability at ILTA's Annual Conference

NQueue Billback to Showcase Information Accountability at ILTA's Annual Conference

"iA" Designed to Improve Efficiency, Profitability for Law Firms

Tempe, Ariz. (PRWEB) August 17, 2009

nQueue Billback LLC announced today that it will be featuring its iA (Information Accountability) product suite at the International Legal Technology Association's Annual Educational Conference on August 24-27, 2009. iA is designed to help law firms capture, process and understand expense data and act on that understanding to improve efficiency and profitability.

"Our products, of course, help our clients capture all expense information and recover those costs, including many transactions that do not typically take place at a multi-function device," said John Gilbert, Vice President Sales and Marketing at nQueue Billback. "iA, more importantly, is designed to provide data our clients can use to better understand their operations and make better decisions." nQueue Billback's four pillars of value are "Cost Recovery;" "Expense Management" to help a firm trim its own costs; "Workflow" to increase firm efficiency and productivity; and "Business Intelligence" to improve profitability and overall decision making.

IA is a product of the recent merger between nQueue and Billback and is the result of combining the best elements of each one's technology. nQueue Billback offers world-class technology that can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals. "nQueue and Billback each built excellent development teams, and the combination provides our clients with the easiest to use, most flexible and most complete product on the market," said Rick Hellers, nQueue Billback's President and CEO.

"We are especially pleased to be exhibiting at ILTA," added Hellers. Even prior to the merger, both nQueue and Billback were longtime supporters of ILTA, and Hellers was a founding member of the organization, which for more than 30 years has been the world's leading peer networking organization in support of legal technology.

For more information, please visit booth 626 at ILTA's Annual Educational Conference or www. nQBillback. com.

About nQueue Billback
NQueue Billback LLC provides software-based information accountability solutions to more than 35% of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, and 5 of the Top 10 globally. The company assists firms by enhancing the automation and processing of any operational and administrative expenses, including print, copy, scan, phone, fax, travel, court fees, research, overnight, courier costs, credit card charges and more on an extremely powerful platform. nQueue Billback's software offererings, branded iA for Information Accountability, can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals to provide clients with the knowledge required to run their businesses more profitably. To learn more about nQueue Billback and iA, please visit www. nQBillback. com.

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East-European Communication Services Installs Indosoft Q-Suite 5.0 Call Center Software

East-European Communication Services Installs Indosoft Q-Suite 5.0 Call Center Software

Indosoft's Next-Generation Contact Center Technology Platform Propels Expansion of East-European Communications Services.

Fredericton, NB (PRWEB) October 21, 2010

East-European Communications Services, a provider of telecom services since 1995, announces the successful upgrade of its contact center technology platform with the deployment of Q-Suite 5.0, a leading call center software for Asterisk. By deploying Q-Suite 5.0 with its powerful ACD and Predictive Dialer, East-European Communications Services is enhancing the functionality of its contact center in order to improve service offerings, increase productivity and lower operating costs.

In addition to its advanced call center ACD with skills-based routing and efficient self-pacing Predictive Dialer, Q-Suite 5.0 offers an industry leading multi-language Script Builder for developing agent-customer interaction scripts. This upgrade permits East-European Communications Services to easily collect and analyze real-time and historical call data, develop the dynamic scripts demanded by its wide-ranging client base, integrate efficiently with their back-end databases, make cost effective use of telecom trunks, utilize at-home agents, as well as analyze other information to improve organizational performance.

"We were in need of a scalable, cost effective call center software with a feature rich ACD to expand from our existing Cisco based infrastructure," says Sergii Tkachov, Chief Development Officer of East-European Communications Services. "We were looking for an open and functionally rich contact center technology platform to co-exist with our existing Cisco deployment and at the same time give us the flexibility of implementing a wider range of strategies to improve and expand our services. Our initial field tests of Indosoft call center software confirmed Q-Suite 5.0 as the most advanced, highly functional and feature-rich call center solution for Asterisk. But what really impressed us was the unique support we received during the implementation process. With the ability to exercise full control over the technology platform, we placed a number of demands on the call center software. At each point, Indosoft demonstrated the industry leadership of Q-Suite 5.0 as a call center software by fully meeting our demands."

"East-European Communications Services is creating a winning call center strategy with its recent deployment of Q-Suite 5.0 call center ACD software," says Gabe Bourque, VP at Indosoft. "In Asterisk you have a proven, well supported next-generation telephony platform sustained and supported by Digium. In Q-Suite 5.0, you have an out of the box call center software that provides you with all the features necessary for a next-generation contact center. Asterisk-based architecture makes Q-Suite 5.0 ideally suited for migrating from legacy to IP platforms. Q-Suite 5.0's Web Interface, rich API and Agent Session Controller for Windows allow for the preservation of all features from such legacy platforms while providing the additional new features found in IP telephony. East-European Communications Services clearly recognizes the value of this call center software for Asterisk and the resulting agent efficiencies, improved results and enhanced customer service that can be achieved. With this new deployment, they are positioned to deliver meaningful results."

About East-European Communications Services
East-European Communications Services is a Ukrainian based, privately held communications company that specializes in managed inbound and outbound customer service for its clients in the insurance, travel, health, financial and related industries.

About Indosoft Inc.
Indosoft, Inc. is a global provider of call center ACD software for Asterisk. It has been deploying call center software and IP-PBX to medium and large contact centers around the world for over ten years. It also licenses its ACD for Asterisk with. NET and socket library to enterprises utilizing Asterisk in their product line. Indosoft has been making available Q-Suite 5.0 call center ACD software for private label contact center technology solutions.

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Royal Caribbean Announces Family Deals For 2009 Summer Vacations

Royal Caribbean Announces Family Deals For 2009 Summer Vacations

Guests Enjoy Savings up to $200 Per Stateroom and Onboard Credits on Summer Vacation

Miami, FL (Vocus) May 14, 2009

Royal Caribbean International today announced terrific deals for family vacationers in the Caribbean this summer, offering savings up to $200 per stateroom on select sailings and onboard credits for select categories to spend on spa sessions, cocktails, and other onboard purchases. Presenting vacation values never seen before, these Royal Caribbean International cruises will combine some of the world's most innovative cruise ships with breathtaking Caribbean islands for an unforgettable summer family vacation. Guests also will enjoy the cruise line's renowned friendly and engaging Gold Anchor Service, as well as all the benefits of cruising, including the convenience of unpacking only once; the opportunity to visit multiple popular destinations; and the value of having meals and entertainment included in the cruise fare.

"As the leading family cruise line, Royal Caribbean International offers a wide array of innovative onboard experiences that are ideal for multigenerational family vacations," said Betsy O'Rourke, senior vice president, Marketing, Royal Caribbean International. "Kids, in particular, will enjoy our award-winning Adventure Ocean and teen programming, which offers enlightening and entertaining sessions throughout the day for cruisers as young as six months old. Adults will enjoy unbeatable values on an unforgettable Royal Caribbean vacation that offers something for everyone in the family."

Vacationers can enjoy savings of $50 per person, up to $200 per stateroom, for 31 select seven - and nine-night summer Caribbean sailings in 2009. Guests choosing an outside stateroom with balcony also will receive $100 onboard credit per stateroom or $150 per stateroom for junior suite or higher category accommodations. These summer family vacation offers apply to new bookings made by June 30, 2009 and are subject to availability.

With a wide array of amenities aboard 20 of the world's most innovative cruise ships, Royal Caribbean helps family vacationers create lasting memories. Families can race each other to the top of the cruise line's iconic rock-climbing wall for the best vantage point on board. On Voyager - and Freedom-class ships, the whole family can play through nine holes of miniature golf; face-off on the full-size basketball court; or practice their footwork in the Studio B ice-skating rink. On Royal Caribbean's Freedom-class ships, everyone can take turns boogie-boarding or surfing on the FlowRider surf simulator, offering one of the greatest thrills at sea.

Royal Caribbean also designed onboard accommodations with families in mind. On select ships, family vacationers can choose an Ocean View Family Staterooms that can sleep up to six; the Royal Family Suite with Balcony that can sleep up eight; or the four bedroom, four bath Presidential Family Suite with Balcony, which can sleep up to a total of 14.

Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line with dedicated teen spaces across its fleet. Areas such as The Living Room teen hangout, Fuel or Optix teen discos, and The Back Deck sun-deck for teens give young cruisers ages 12 - 17 their own space to create new friendships and relax with their peers. Even younger cruisers enjoy scheduled and supervised activities all day in three age-tiered groups: Aquanauts (ages 3 - 5), Explorers (ages 6 - 8), and Voyagers (ages 9 - 11). Adventure Ocean and teen programs start as early as 9 a. m. and conclude as late as 2 a. m. All Adventure Ocean counselors are college graduates, with a degree in education, recreation or a related field.

Adults on a Royal Caribbean vacation also can enjoy myriad options onboard. By day, they can work up a sweat in the fitness center; choose a rejuvenating ritual in the ship's day spa; and lounge by the pool in the adults-only Solarium. In the evenings, guests can enjoy world-class gaming in the Casino Royale; be enthralled by an award winning Broadway style musical revue by Royal Caribbean Productions; and relax in a variety of onboard themed clubs, bars and lounges.

Royal Caribbean International is a global cruise brand with 20 ships currently in service and two under construction. The line also offers unique cruisetour vacations in Alaska, Canada, Dubai, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. For additional information or to make reservations, call your travel agent, visit http://www. royalcaribbean. com or call (800) ROYAL-CARIBBEAN. Travel professionals should go to http://www. cruisingpower. com or call (800) 327-2056.

Tracy Quan (305) 539-6577

Harrison Liu (305) 982-2363

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